Covid update

As of the 17th May 2021, hairdressing salons can offer magazines and refreshments.

However, due to the increase in infections due to the Delta (Indian) variant, I have decided (after much deliberation) that at present Wickham Studio will not be offering these little extra treats.

I am so sorry to disappoint, but if I am honest ( as I always try to be) I want to do everything I can to keep our clients safe. This does not mean you cannot read or drink but we must ask you to bring your own. 

I have also made the decision to reintroduce proper hairdressing gowns. The amount of plastic waste was really concerning me. I have ordered many. I will promise you that the gown you wear will be freshly laundered at a high temperature. 

Finally, hopefully at some point in the future we can roll out the cappuccinos, and (more importantly) the wine!!!

I cannot wait!!!

Sacha xxx

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