“My hair feels so light!”

That’s what clients says when we introduce them to K18.

We’re always looking for new and better ways to do things, and we’re thrilled to discover this amazing new product that’s finally available in the UK.

It works differently from anything we’ve ever tried before – it’s a leave-in molecular treatment that heals damaged hair in just four minutes.

We love it, and clients love it, because it achieves amazing results on all hair types and ages. An unbelievably tiny amount renews the hair making it stronger, elastic and more youthful. Your hair instantly feels soft and light, and looks smooth and bouncy.

How it works

Despite using our best efforts and gentlest treatments, chemicals and processes inevitably affect the hair structure. K18 reverses all the damage we do to hair by bleaching it, colouring it, heating it, curling it, straightening it…

Scientists worked for a decade to identify and replicate a precise polypeptide sequence inside the keratin that hair is made of – and put it into a product that repairs the broken chains and restores the inner core of the hair.

Watch the brief video below to find out more.

What next?

Ask us about K18 when you next visit the salon. We’ve stocked up so we can offer it to any client who needs it.

In case you’re wondering, yes, you can buy K18 products from us to use at home.

We’re sure you’ll be as impressed as we are.

How to use K18 Mask at home

• Shampoo your hair as usual

• DON’T apply conditioner (because conditioner would coat the hair and prevent the K18 from being absorbed)

• Towel dry thoroughly

• Apply K18 Mask (we’ll tell you how much to use depending on the length, thickness and condition of your hair)

• Leave for four minutes

• DON’T rinse

• Style your hair as usual

We’ll tell you how often you need to use its – it could be just for the first 4-6 washes, then every 3-4 washes as needed (or even less)

Wait for the compliments to arrive!

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