Awarded 5-star rating

We have recently been awarded 5 stars by the Good Salon Guide. This is the highest possible level for a hair & beauty salon in the UK & Ireland – and it makes us very proud!

The levels reflect the number of years of management experience the owner has, as well as the training and qualifications achieved by staff. They also look at the salon itself, including paintwork and lighting, reception seating and magazines.

To achieve a five-star rating, a salon needs a great environment, experienced managers, and staff with higher qualifications.

Being five-star means that, when you visit us, you’ll know you’re in one of the UK’s top salons where you and your hair will be treated with utmost care and professionalism.

We’re thrilled that all our efforts have been recognised in this way, and thank all our lovely staff, clients and friends for their support over the years.

“My hair feels so light!”

That’s what clients says when we introduce them to K18.

We’re always looking for new and better ways to do things, and we’re thrilled to discover this amazing new product that’s finally available in the UK.

It works differently from anything we’ve ever tried before – it’s a leave-in molecular treatment that heals damaged hair in just four minutes.

We love it, and clients love it, because it achieves amazing results on all hair types and ages. An unbelievably tiny amount renews the hair making it stronger, elastic and more youthful. Your hair instantly feels soft and light, and looks smooth and bouncy.

How it works

Despite using our best efforts and gentlest treatments, chemicals and processes inevitably affect the hair structure. K18 reverses all the damage we do to hair by bleaching it, colouring it, heating it, curling it, straightening it…

Scientists worked for a decade to identify and replicate a precise polypeptide sequence inside the keratin that hair is made of – and put it into a product that repairs the broken chains and restores the inner core of the hair.

Watch the brief video below to find out more.

What next?

Ask us about K18 when you next visit the salon. We’ve stocked up so we can offer it to any client who needs it.

In case you’re wondering, yes, you can buy K18 products from us to use at home.

We’re sure you’ll be as impressed as we are.

How to use K18 Mask at home

• Shampoo your hair as usual

• DON’T apply conditioner (because conditioner would coat the hair and prevent the K18 from being absorbed)

• Towel dry thoroughly

• Apply K18 Mask (we’ll tell you how much to use depending on the length, thickness and condition of your hair)

• Leave for four minutes

• DON’T rinse

• Style your hair as usual

We’ll tell you how often you need to use its – it could be just for the first 4-6 washes, then every 3-4 washes as needed (or even less)

Wait for the compliments to arrive!

Covid update

As of the 17th May 2021, hairdressing salons can offer magazines and refreshments.

However, due to the increase in infections due to the Delta (Indian) variant, I have decided (after much deliberation) that at present Wickham Studio will not be offering these little extra treats.

I am so sorry to disappoint, but if I am honest ( as I always try to be) I want to do everything I can to keep our clients safe. This does not mean you cannot read or drink but we must ask you to bring your own. 

I have also made the decision to reintroduce proper hairdressing gowns. The amount of plastic waste was really concerning me. I have ordered many. I will promise you that the gown you wear will be freshly laundered at a high temperature. 

Finally, hopefully at some point in the future we can roll out the cappuccinos, and (more importantly) the wine!!!

I cannot wait!!!

Sacha xxx

Lockdown 2

We did everything that was asked.
We wore masks and visors.
We sanitised every station before every client.
We worked longer hours to ensure social distancing.
We invested in the salon to make it covid secure.
We achieved recognition by the Good Salon Guide as a covid-secure salon.
We did all that was asked and more.
Yet it was not enough.

Tonight, the salon is temporarily closed. 

I would like to thank my team for being so wonderful. They have worked so so hard these past 4 months. The challenge of this week was overwhelming but they did it. They did not complain – they gave their all. 

A huge thank you to our clients and friends. Your support has been amazing.

We hope to see you in December. If you do not yet have an appointment, please contact us. We are almost fully booked!!!

Love Sacha xxx