5 tips to go blonde for summer

  1. blonde croppedFirst, make sure that your hair is in tip-top condition. To help with this, we recommend use a treatment once a week. Leave it on for as long you can, even overnight, if possible.
  2. You need to determine whether to opt for cool or warm blonde tones. For example, some people suit blues and purples (cool) while others are better with oranges and golds (warm). Ask your stylist what shade of blonde will work best with your skintone.
  3. We advise you go for hilights rather than an all-over blonde. The look is less of a shock to the system and remember, you can always add more hilights later if you want to.
  4. As with all colours, blonde can go dull over time. It’s best not to keep over-processing your hair by adding more and more hilights. Instead, a semi-permanent colour from your stylist will enliven and refresh your look.
  5. To maintain your blonde locks, it’s important to use the correct aftercare procedure. Your Wickham Studio stylist will be happy to give you personalised advice. Just ask!

Photo credit: Helga Weber via photopin cc